About us

Hello, my name is Cyrus, and I am an experienced professional face paint artist based in Highgate. I have a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication (Graphic Design), and I have gained over nine years of face painting experience since completing my training at the London School of Face Painting. For the last two years, I have also been practising traditional Chinese painting.

I have a passion for face painting, and I offer a face painting service for corporate events, festivals, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, children and teenage parties, adult parties, office parties and weddings across London.

I founded Brush of Colour in 2009, and my professional local face painters have served hundreds of satisfied customers. You can find out more about our customer experiences on our Happy Customer page.

I am a member of Equity, enhanced DBS checked, and I am fully insured up to £10 million. Each face paint artist is also fully insured. The face paints we use are suitable for children and adult skin, they have been designed for professional use, and they comply with all EU Health and Safety regulations.

Terms and Conditions

Notice for Parents and Guardians

At Brush of Colour we care about your safety, so we reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone we feel should not be painted – see below for reasons for refusal.

Permission is needed from a parent or guardian before a child can be painted. So it is the responsibility of the person booking the party to ensure that all parents and guardians are informed before the party that a face painter will be on site. We provide pre-printed cards that you can include with your invitations to inform parents and guardians. These can be ordered as part of the booking process.

Children should be under constant adult supervision whilst being painted or waiting for their turn.

Due to the guidance provided by the face paint manufacturers, our face painting services are not for anyone under three years of age because face painting can sometimes overwhelm children under three. A small design may be painted on the hands or arms of a child younger than three years old, but the decision to do so will be left to the face painter.

Face painting should be fun, so we will never paint anyone against his or her wishes. We reserve the right to stop face painting if a child becomes uncomfortable or changes their mind during painting, even if the face painting isn’t finished. Please do not force your child to be painted, or insist that a face painter should continue if a child becomes uneasy or unwilling.

We also refuse to paint any racially or religiously offensive signs, symbols or other designs.

Health and Safety

For the safety of our customers, we regret that we will not paint anyone who looks unwell (a runny nose, temperature or rash) or appears to have a cold sore, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, or any other infectious skin complaints to avoid spreading it on to our other customers. Those with open cuts, wounds, scabs also cannot be painted due to the risk of infection. Also, those with visible skin complaints, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, although not contagious, will not be allowed to have their skin painted due to the paint possibly irritating the skin.

We do not paint children under the age of one because the products we use are not recommended for babies.

The face paints we use have been designed for professional use and comply with all EU Health and Safety regulations. As with any cosmetics, some people may be sensitive or allergic to a wide range of common products. Therefore, if you are concerned about possible reactions to the face paint, please discuss this with the face painter before you or your child is painted. A skin patch test or a motif on the hand can be carried out to be on the safe side. It is the responsibility of the parent or the guardian to inform the face painter in advance of your concerns before proceeding with the face painting. Brush of Colour cannot be held liable for any allergic reactions to the face paint.

The face paint is water based and can be removed easily with soap or baby shampoo and plenty of water – be careful around the eye area. Some of the colours may temporarily stain the skin slightly, but using baby lotion after washing may help to remove this stain. If the face paint comes in contact with your clothes, then the clothes should be soaked in cold water before washing normally.